Saturday, June 5, 2010

Churaumanie Bissundyal's miasmic mess!

Churaumanie Bissundyal

Pedro Archanjo: When someone shows up from nowhere and begins to shout, what do you do? When that someone is hollering that in your country, there are no good men, just “men like hungry and rabid dogs” looking like chimpanzees and “dreaming of free duck curry and rum” while “cheating, plotting and lying,” what do you do? And what do you do when that someone tells you that he is one of you but only purer than you, holier than you, and wiser than you because but he left a long time ago? This is his return, he claims.

The natural reaction of many reasonable men would be to respond with like aggression and to return the filth from where it comes. Personally, I would not blame them if they do so for that would be to return filth to its source. But then again I would not do that. And this is because I am a philosopher of sorts.

So my first question when I heard all this hollerin’ about hungry dogs etc. was to ask: who has come calling in the name of Rama (again)?

You see, when I was a young boy growing up in Guyana, I was impressed by one of our local street philosophers. Despite his reputation for being a ‘baad man’, he kept things simple. This was his philosophy: “if you mix with shit, it will spatter on you.” Thereafter, I learned to stay clean.

Mr. Churaumanie Bissundyal, (Pee-HD), cannot do so, and for two reasons, First, it is his literary style. In the language of our local philosopher, his style was called verbal diarrhea - a nasty dis-ease indeed. Mr. Churaumanie seems to have earned a Pee-HD in this, thus the natural outpouring.

And secondly, it is the messy situation he has placed himself in while trying to get his Pee-HD; notice I say ‘get’ not earn. Maybe I should have said bought, because from the documents I have seen, it sure looks like that.

Here are copies of some of the documents with their web address for you to follow up:

Churaumanie Bissundyal (Pee-HD) said, (March 19, 2010 at 9:31 am ) “Can somebody advise me. I have nearly $100,000. in federal loan debts and $64,000. in private school loan. So far I have the federal loan deferred, but I have used up the forbearance period for the private loan. I cannot make the monthly payment of private loan since I am not earning that much. I have heard that steps are taken for the reinstitution of bankruptcy for private student loans. When will that come in place? Please advise.”

Now, here’s how our local Shakespeare managed to put himself in this messy situation. This is one of many reports from peers at the Union Institute and University where he obtained his Pee-HD.

3. Union Institute and University PhD Complaints - Worthless credits for PhD
Review all Union Institute and University PhD complaints
Union Institute and University PhD - Worthless credits for PhD

Union Institute and University had a valid PhD program, but it was put on probation back in 2004. Sadly, students were not given an option to withdraw and be given refunds for big student loans. I hung in there as long as I could, and kept borrowing, but because the US Department of Education had disqualified them for Federal Student Loans, I had to use Sallie Mae's Opportunity Loans. I wish I had withdrawn in 2004. Union officials met with the DOE and Ohio Board of Regents to try to get their accreditation back, but it never happened. Students who have tried to get their credits transferred to another program so they can finish with an accredited degree find they are worthless now. What is confusing is that because Union did have a good reputation at one time, many in the academic community don't know about their PhD program's problems. As far as I know, their undergraduate programs are still accredited, adding to the confusion. The essential problem with the PhD program is that there are not enough faculty and staff to administer the program. The degrees take forever to complete, drawing the student deeper and deeper into debt. They describe a new PhD program online, but as far as I know it is not yet accredited, and students who matriculated into the older program are not allowed to transfer into it. I'm now leading a group involved in a lawsuit against them. Anyone who wants more information is welcome to contact me.

Ok, so fellow Guyanese, let this man holler all he wants. Try to understand: Wouldn’t you have done the same if you had tried to get a PhD simply by paying lots of borrowed money only to find out that all you had gotten were “worthless credits”? Wouldn’t you be envious of people like Dr. Randy Persaud and others who earned their degrees the old-fashioned hard way?

By the way, guess what Churaumanie Pee-HD was on? His Pee-HD was appropriately an analysis of one of his own novels. I am not kidding you. Check it out on his own website:

Meanwhile, let BC Kissoon enjoy the fecal pleasures of mixing with this chap. I will keep my distance.

Hasta la Vista,

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  1. Churamanie owes money to lots of people in Guyana. He owes me $60 since 1991. He fleeced lots of people to fund the staging of his plays. He used a young married woman who was visiting Guyana in December 1990. He got her to pay Hotel Tower for the use of the Hibiscus Room where he hosted a party to promote his play "The Jaguar and the Flute." The duped young lady paid for the food and drinks too.