Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hammie caught with hand in cookie jar and outs a mouth full of MIASMIC MESS in response

GEORGETOWN Mayor Hamilton Green said, Wednesday, that his controversial trip to China, which was the subject of recent debate by City Councillors, was funded by donations from his concerned friends who asked to be anonymous. “I believe the visit was successful,” he reported at a media briefing in the Council Chamber, at City Hall.
According to him, the journey, for which he was accompanied by some municipal officials, did not cost the municipality a cent but will bring tremendous benefits to the Mayor and City Council (M&CC).
He said he did not have the total expended at the time of speaking but gave the assurance that it can be calculated.
Mr. Green had been accused, by Councillors at the June 14 statutory meeting, of utilising money that did not belong to him and warned that action could be taken against him, if information on his visit abroad was not provided.
But he lashed out at his accusers, calling them “yard fowls” and declared he was tired of “stupidity.”
Green also attacked individuals outside the Council, charging that they are holding something against him because they lack facts and logic.
He had previously said the trip was made possible as a result of his influence and facilitation.
“I simply called persons,” Green had explained when responding during the debate.


  1. Give it up Hammie...Guilty conscience reacts the most...Your time is up, never have I heard you this defensive to the point you cursing out people. You know you thieving out the money... no wonder money can't find to pay off the workers. I don't know why you don't just be a good little hospital and admit it!! Maybe they should put you over a bundle of “nicely scented” garbage in an area to slave out clearing up with no reward and see how good it feels.

  2. hammie is a dam thief how come city hall never have money to pay anyone if things so hard with them then what does hammie thing the ordinary people is going throughwe can't pay rates and taxes too because things tight like your ......

  3. I believe Hammie Green should take the long walk and stop the further decline of our beloved country. his culture of authoritarian and segregation politics is unwanted in these modern times, its time this old man must go.