Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sharma, Corbin and Ramsaroop- The Three Sex Offenders

These three Presidential hopefuls have one common trait thay have all been at some point in time involved publicly in scandoulous sexual perversions.

Sharma though has continued to prove his guilt with his several attempts to bribe the victims. His son in law and staff were the first to do so on his behalf, they failed.

He then sought out a partnership with Benschop to engage in this dubious act. This will ultimately lead to their fall from grace if they haven't already.

1 comment:

  1. Well I tell u wat!! Anoda trait wit d 3 a dem is dat all a dem old n ware out plus pun tap a duh lyk talk bout wa oda ppl doin n ent watchin deh damn self...Dem is d biggest perves in d place n wan big position? oh please!! We ga protect da future generation n in doin so not allowin deze maniacs to enter n e influencial position in dis place... God have mercy pun dem!