Monday, June 14, 2010

AFC hires controversial Barbadian political strategist.

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson (Left)
Political Strategist Hartley Henry (Right)

The AFC has obtained the services of Barbadian PR consultant and failed political strategist, Hartley Henry in an effort to bolster their 2011 elections campaign.
However Hartley's employment by the AFC is perplexing given that the party purports to own a monopoly on moral fortitude and Hartley is no stranger to controversy.
A letter sent to Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister Lester Bird in 1998 in which a female Lawyer made claims of being denied payment for services rendered as a result of her rebuttal of sexual advances by Hartley was today circulated and seen by us.

Reports of financial irregularities and other misdemeanors also plague Hartley's sordid reputation. His hiring by the AFC comes shortly after the release of a questionable poll conducted by CADRES whose President Peter Wickham also shares close relations with Hartley. In fact the two worked together in June of 2007 and were accused of helping the then Labour Party government in St Kitts & Nevis with its plans for an early election before proper electoral reforms were implemented.
In August 2009, Hartley again made the headlines in Barbados this time
he reportedly telephoned the SUNDAY SUN editor, Carol Martindale, threatening to tarnish her reputation if she did not “do the right thing” regarding the handling of a report on a CADRES poll – which rated the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government favourably.

Despite all this the AFC has recruited Hartley as their political strategist and he is scheduled to arrive at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport at 14:00 hrs today to be picked up by AFC officials.

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