Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stabroek News editorial is an unjustified attack on the Minister

K.A Juman-Yassin: THE Editorial of the Stabroek News of June 7, 2010 is on the whole without foundation and an unjustified attack on Dr Frank Anthony, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. I would at the outset like to state that the acid attack on Mr. Pretipaul Jaigobin was a dastardly act and I hope that the culprit and any accomplices would be arrested and brought to justice. I would like to commend Minister Anthony for summoning the meeting with the executive members of the Guyana Cricket Board as the continued in-fighting amongst these members and their supporters had without a doubt brought the Guyana Cricket Board into disrepute. If left unabated, then the real persons who would ultimately suffer would be cricket and our cricketers. Cricket is our national sport and it was incumbent for the Minister to act. The acid attack on Mr Jaigobin with the subsequent suspicions that his queries on matters relating to the business of the Board were the cause for the said attack made an intervention more urgent and immediate.
I do not agree with the editorial that “it would have been ideal if the Board had been able to heal itself without the intervention of the Minister or eventually the West Indies Cricket Board as that would not bode well for its future ability to operate in a less fractious manner.”

The Guyana Cricket Board had for months been in a fractious and self-destructing mode and it was time for there to be a call for reason, for the good of the game to be paramount and not the ambitions of any one person. Reason was not emanating from the Board. I am informed that the meeting with the Minister was one where all present were able to ventilate their views without bitterness and this is to the credit of all those persons who attended that meeting. I have spoken to several parties in this matter and was informed that the Minister did not force down any decision on the parties but acted as a stimulant for healing and good reason.Read more..........

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