Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AFC leadership rift heightens.

-Trotman being pressured to step down in favour of Ramjattan

The Alliance For Change (AFC) was forced to call a meeting of its National Executive on Saturday to settle the issues related to the rotation of its leadership, which could see party leader Raphael Trotman step aside.

We have learnt that the issue is a source of strong disagreement among several members of the executive. And a split along racial lines has developed within the party's leadership. Further, any settlement of the issue could result in Trotman stepping down in order to allow Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan to assume the leadership of the party and endorsing him as the presidential candidate at the next Delegates’ Conference, in the run up to the next general elections. Sources said some members support Trotman continuing in the position, while others insist that the “rotation principle” be adhered to.

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