Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SKUNT of the day!

Adumbrated Jackass making a SKUNT out of himself on Phagwah day

Our SKUNT of the day is Kaieteur News' Idiot-in-Chief, Adam Harris.
Adam has a long history of servitude and a penchant for bamsee kissing. On a daily basis he dishes out Pee Hen See propaganda and lies at the behest of his master, GLEN LALL.
Glen who moved from selling bora in Stabroek market to being the owner of the Kaieteur News rag and a Regent Street shopping mall in a manner of years, uses Adam to further his agenda as well as to put fear in businessmen who are unable to see eye to eye with him.

Adam is often mistaken by kids for a Gorilla and often puts his mouth in places where it doesn't belong.................Ask Nazima Bugga-beer and Julia Johnson.


  1. My my my!! This is one unfortunate fella... When God was sharing good looks I guess he was at the back of the line and by the time he got to the front it ran out. Hehe!! With looks like that he don’t need protection…No wonder people making him a “skunt” he definitely possess the physical traits of one not to mention the shit that escapes the unpleasant smelling dark hole bordered by his lips.

  2. Adam Harris is well known for sucking Glen Lall's cock.
    He is the ugliest creature in Guyana.Adam Harris is an old con man since he was at the Burnham's chronicle.
    He is a big confidence trickster shading as a journalist.

  3. You guys need to find out the true founder of Kaiture News. It was founded by Shaun Samaroo, and Glen Lall took it away from the guy.

  4. It is true this Shaun Samaroo's name always pops up when ever there is talk about the origins of the KN. Word is that GLen swindled KN from Samaroo by unscrupulous means. Tek half lef half

  5. Shaun Samaroo is now living in Canada and I met him there. He told me Glen Lall robbed him of Kaieteur News and threatened to kill him.
    Shaun was afraid of his life and run to Canada.
    He said Glen Lall was big in the backtrack business smuggling people to the U.S with his partners the late Neville Sarjoo and Shell Mohamed. He said Glen Lall also shipped cocaine to the U.S on behalf of his Venezuelan friends.
    Because of Lall's activities, he was scared and left kaieteur for him.
    Glen then decide to hire Adam Harris and that slut Gwen Evelyne. Glen Lall love to have his dick sucked, and Gwen Evelyne used to do it everyday.