Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trotman used vast array of trickery & connivery obtained during his PNC days to SHAFT Ramjattan.

Back in 2006 when the AFC was launched a promise of "CHANGE" was continuously made to the people. The “change” they promised was centered on what they declared as the greatest albatross on the neck of Guyanese politics – race.
The announced innovation that would promote this non-racial politics was going to be a “rotation of leadership” of the party “between two of the principals at mid-point of each term.”
These two principals were Messrs Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan. Back then the party explained: “This will ensure shared vision and continuity with respect to the movement’s policies and activities and a comfort zone for those of the electorate concerned about ethnic unity.”

However, in respone to grumblings from within their leadership core and the party membership after no announcements were being made to fulfill the 2006 promise to “rotate” the leadership so that Khemraj Ramjattan would be the new leader of the party and its presidential candidate for the 2011 elections, a National Executive Committee (NEC) was convened last Saturday. Its subsequent announcement, however, raises more questions than answers – especially as it relates to the party’s stated commitment to a “new politics”.

What actually took place was a demonstration of Trotman's conniving use of his vast repertoire of trickery obtained during his PNC days to SHAFT Ramjattan. The decision by the NEC to allow party groups to nominate candidates for the presidential and prime ministerial positions instead of subscribing to the "leadership rotation" principle will without a doubt guarantee Trotman's nomination as he obtains more support from the party groups and has more access to them as a result of his incumbency.

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