Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why the AFC Can't Speak Out Against This Atrocity?

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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 02:43
THE ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has condemned the recent attack by Israeli soldiers on a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid for the imprisoned people of Gaza and has reiterated its solidarity with Palestinian people.

A statement by the party said: “The People’s Progressive Party condemns the action of the government of Israel in using its army to attack a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid for the imprisoned people of Gaza. Some ten persons on the ships were killed.” “This attack took place in international waters and can only be described as banditry. Such banditry coming from a state is nothing less than state terrorism.”

“The reason that people from various parts of the world decided to take aid to the people of Gaza is that Israel destroyed Gaza by intense bombings and has subsequently imposed a blockade on the Palestanian people living there. All the reports coming out of Gaza speaks about the atrocious conditions that people are forced to live under.”

Israel’s attacks on the Palestanians are worst than those practiced by the former apartheid regime South Africa. It is systematically practicing ethnic cleansing in order to seize all Palestanian lands.

The party charged that it is a shame that the Israeli regime receive such great support from western powers particularly the United States. Even at this time when unarmed people taking humanitarian aid to the destitute people in the Gaza we are observing the maneuvers of some countries to defend and water down a UN resolution regarding the illegal actions of the Israeli regime.

“The People’s Progressive Party reiterates its support and solidarity to the Palestanian people. We extend solidarity to the brave people who accompanied the flotilla of humanitarian goods intending to break the illegal blockade set up by Israel.”

“We once more condemn the killings and the brutality of the Israel Defence Force on unarmed civilians whose only “crime” was to relieve the sufferings of fellow human beings in Palestine.”

“We call on all peace loving and democratic forces throughout the world to condemn Israel for yet another violation of UN resolution and for more illegal acts.”
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  1. It is very obvious why the AFC wouldn't utter a single word of condemnation against these bastards, simply because they are being funded by them to get ride of the PPP.

  2. They think its that easy to get rid of the PPP, the PNC tried for years now and couldn't even budge them and thats the PNC (the creators of dictatorship)!

  3. Is this an Anti AFC site? How is this article linked to the AFC. Instead kudos should be given to the PPP/C for their condemnation of these unjust acts.