Sunday, June 13, 2010

Freddie Kissoon launches libelous attack against Sir Shridath Ramphal

- Kaieteur News forced to apologise.

Kaieteur News was today forced to apologise for Freddie Kissoon Mr Miasmic Mess' libelous tirade against former commonwealth secretary general and distinguished Guyanese, Sir Shridath Ramphal in his Friday column. In an attempt to save face Kaieteur News did not publish the apology in its online edition but it reads as follows:

Columnist Freddie Kissoon, in his column on June 10, launched a scathing attack on one of Guyana and the Caribbean's eminent personalities in the person of Sir Shridath Ramphal. His comments were not the views of the owner and publisher, or the newspaper. It is regrettable that such views were allowed to prevail and the newspaper offers Sir Shridath an unqualified apology. Some aspects of the commentary were libelous and should not have been allowed in the newspaper. The fact that Sir Shridath can live in a country other than Guyana is testimony to his contribution to the region. Mr Glen Lall, the publisher of Kaieteur News said that the comment recommending that Barbados should ask Sir Shridath to build a house in his native Guyana is both silly and obnoxious.


  1. He should be ban from writing in this country cause he has no respect for people who have done much for this country and the news media which allow him to write his trash should also face the penalties of his writing cause they print.I think that the editor don't care what they print has long they got something in the wonder they sells are dropping and people are seeing who they are trying to misinform them.

  2. The media seem to have an addiction toward creating conflict rather than promote healthy debates among people. People should realizes that the media are key players in modelling citizenship and conflict resolution, but yet journalists continuously fail to promote peace-making, reconciliation and compromise. These important assets necessary for a prosperous society are missing and nobody seems to care.
    It is the responsibility of journalists to identify issues in which the public must make hard choices and to frame those issues in a way that creates the possibility of productive deliberations. The media are capable of so much more than just producing tabloid information and can serve as a forum for dialogue for individuals as well as communities within societies.

  3. Freddie always picking trouble with somebody... Mr. Ramphal should meet him and present him with a good box across the face. After all, the man is a prominent contributor to the Guyanese society. It's about time Freddie retires from his frolic writings and "LIE-TEUR" should shut down its operations for endorsing such articles because all they doing is creating controversy in the place.