Monday, June 7, 2010

Paul Slowe being conferred with 'saint hood' by opposition media.

Distinguished policeman's career comes to an end

  • Isn't this the very Paul Slowe that was vilified for his efforts aimed at restoring law and order by the media in concert with the PNC when the city's streets were besieged by PNC thugs/peaceful protesters in the aftermath of the 1997 elections?

  • Wasn't this "Distinguished policeman" accused of kicking a pregnant woman in her stomach during violent street demonstrations by PNC supporters in 1997?

So all of a sudden Paul Slowe, becomes an angel because he delivered a speech at his farewell ceremony referring to himself as having been an angel, the most righteous, the most upright and the most virtuous policeman in the history of Guyana. And the opposition media then uses his discontent with not having been promoted to the post of deputy police commissioner to further their anti-government agenda.


  1. Typical pro-Government response... instead of dealing with the allegations, you try to discredit the writer.

  2. I had the opportunity to sit in the classroom with this very good individual and am proud to call him my squaddie. Leave the man alone he did his job well and in leaving she should not be castrated. If you were in his shoe what would you have done. God Bless you Squaddie.