Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Indo Guyanese voting patterns a result of a mindset conditioned by years of PNC abuse.

Freddie Kissoon can theorize and speculate until doomsday, he will have little impact on Ind0-Guyanese voting patterns which is not influenced by race but a mindset conditioned by the following:

1. Twenty eight years of rigged elections that perpetuated a repressive regime in power.

2. Systematic marginalization, discrimination and victimization of Indians during that era, through lack of employment opportunities in the government services.

3. Slow fire, mo fire tactics since 1963 that unleash a reign of terror from P.N.C. thugs as evidenced by arson, looting, rape, brutality, murder and kidnapping against Indians and their businesses.

4. Massacre of Indians at Wismar, Mahaicony and several other Indian villages that continued even under the P.P.P. tenure at Lusignaan and Bartica.

5. Dependency on K.S.I for food where rampant discrimination and favoritism in distribution were evident.

6. Banning of essential foods stuff used by Indians in their religious functions.

7. Police involvement in kick down the door banditry that principally targeted Indians during an era when thugs from Rabbi Washington were given police protection.

8. Placement of P.N.C. supporters in sensitive government positions where Indians were forced into a position of dependency for essential services invariably paying bribes in the process.

9. Support for freedom fighters that kidnap and murder countless Indians during their reign of terror.

10. Violating the sanctity of Indian women including attempted rape by putting pressure on their husbands or offering them positions in government as an inducement to have affairs with their wives. One such person even attempted to commit suicide and countless other examples abound.

11. Rape of the public treasury that left Guyana as the second poorest country in the hemisphere and an irreparable debt burden.

12. Many other atrocities against Indians too numerous to mention.

So Freddie, now an admitted hybrid, do you think that you and your band of renegades can erase this memory from the psyche of Indo Guyanese? These are facts, Freddie, not fiction, experienced by many Indians during the P.N.C. dictatorship and do have an impact on voting trends in Guyana.

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