Sunday, June 13, 2010

Benschop, Kissoon likely to contest 2011 elections

-as Independent Party

PARDONED treason accused, Mark Benschop, and newspaper columnist, Freddie Kissoon are likely to contest the 2011 general and regional elections under the banner of the Independent Party, a source close to the duo said yesterday.
The Independent Party was launched several months ago by Benschop, originally to contest mayoral elections in the city. However, the source said Benschop may have pushed aside his mayoral ambitions, with the possibility of no local government elections before the 2011 national elections.
The source said Benschop will be the presidential candidate, with Kissoon as his running mate, and among those tipped to be on the Benschop/Kissoon card is trade unionist, Lincoln Lewis.
Lewis has recently been closely associated with Benschop and Kissoon.
Political analysts say the creation of a new political party has raised doubts about unity in the opposition movement in Guyana, as they are likely to undermine each other in their quest for power.
The source said Benschop and Kissoon are convinced they can secure enough votes to get seats in the National Assembly.
The Guyana Elections Commission has more than 25 political parties on its register to contest next year’s general elections.
Benschop and Kissoon could not be reached for comment.


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