Tuesday, June 29, 2010

November 25th will mark one year since Mark Benschop killed his wife's lover.

Joel Fraser

November 25th this year will mark one year since local stage actor Joel Fraser nicknamed ‘Sweets’, 40, who starred in the Maria Benschop production 'Nothing to Laugh About', was murdered at the behest of Maria's ex-husband, Mark Benschop.

Fraser's dead body, with throat slashed, was discovered in a pool of blood around 05:45 hrs on the seawall at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara where he usually meets Maria. It was said that Benschop became aware of the relationship between the two and subsequently lured Fraser to the location where he was murdered by a hit-man. Back then as word began to spread of his involvement Benschop promptly left the country in fright and only returned after being certain that the police were unable to locate 'Buck man', the alleged hit-man.

Acting for more than ten years, Farser sold ground provisions and vegetables at Bourda Market. His bloodied corpse, with his brief pulled down, was found in a lying position.

Most of his colleagues in theatre were shocked at the death of the resident of Laing Avenue, in Georgetown. Benschop's wife is now sleeping with Ron, the owner of the local Haynes store and the man behind the Mori J'von comdey jam


  1. Mark is a disgrace to himself and his supporters... And watch how he does want to be playing a Good Samaritan...I tell you what! Is only time with him cause when he get ‘buss’ with this Sharma money bribe story it's going to be a day and a half... He get off once, he get off twice, he surely wouldn’t get off for a third time.

  2. Isn't Ron with Olive Gopaul and has a child with her ?

    Can you provide proof that Ron is sleeping with Maria Benschop ?