Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Benschop in Trouble with the Law As Sharma Attempts to Tamper with the Witnesses

According to some legal experts, Mark Benschop has landed himslef in hotwater again this for aiding and abetting CN Sharma, by his actions he has in fact obstructed the course of justice and will most likely be jailed when placed before the courts.

The experts contend that since Benschop facilitated the bribe (G$20 MILLION) which took place at his office, more than likely he will be arrested and placed before the courts to answer for his actions.

Information reaching this site points to Sharma being at the same location with Benschop along with the victims in the case in question. It is their hope that with such a huge amount of money being doled out, the victims will now refuse to testify against him in court

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  1. It's quite a shame that Mark hasn't learnt from his past experience that came as a result of his blatant acts of inanity. How much longer will he continue to be the 'pot salt'? Does he really have an unadulterated idea of the seriousness of the crime to that which CN Sharma has committed? And to make it even worst the potential risks at the hands of the law he would face for being implicated once prove guilty? Apparently not! Clearly it's only a matter of time before his operation get 'buss'. I say...Let Justice Be Served!