Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that Freddie Kissoon Freddie Shitsoon is paid $10,000 per article by Kaieteur News and also receives $50,000 per month from Khemraj Ramjattan to do propaganda work?


  1. Does the bugger pay tax on his Kaieteur News income?

  2. Wong! He may get that amount from kaieteur but NOT from Khemraj.

  3. Okay! Food for thought...one might have never known this interesting piece of information about Greasy head Freddie, at least not from the way he constantly trying to read out people's salary scale. Instead he sits down ‘”pun he dutty files” like a hen over her eggs... Watch how he does collect him doe quiet quiet and bare face enough to talk about people. ‘Freddie shitsoon’ is a good Judas yeah!