Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What the Bloggers say.

The Alliance For Change’s (AFC) National Executive Committee (NEC) will recommend that Khemraj Ramjattan become its presidential candidate at the party’s National Conference in October.
AFC Vice-Chairperson Sheila Holder said on Monday that the NEC would also recommend that party leader Raphael Trotman become the prime ministerial candidate, along with any other person who has been properly nominated in keeping with the party’s constitution. The party also stated that in order to give effect to the decision, Trotman would endorse Ramjattan as the presidential candidate and Ramjattan would endorse Trotman as the prime ministerial candidate.

Here's what the bloggers had to say:

True Guyanese (Smile Don't Worry Be Happy) UNITED STATES says:

wow..two scapegoats absconder from the pnc and ppp teaming up to another failure coming…..all these two guysa looking for is power they don’t have a vision……we need people with vision open minded… as i said,,,,yesu persaud=president,,clifford reis=prime minester,,,deo persaud=finance minister,,,jerry gouvia=minister or tourism,,,joe singh=home affairs,,,carl morgan=education,,,,vidyanand persaud=attorney general,,,ah guh leff d other half fuh lata…..

Napaloo Toanseed UNITED STATES says:

“parties will be led by Indians”
That these fringe parties will be led by Indians is a well calculated move. The motive is to try and split the PPP support, while the Afro Guyanese will remain loyal to and vote en masse for their PNC. Then some coalition among the PNC and these split groups will remove the PPP.Good move!!!Nice try!!!Indians are well aware of this ploy.They will never crack the door open for a return to the days of PNC brutality and oppression.
Smoke that.

regis CANADA says:

Seems to me you like to overhaul old engines. An efficient new engine is always better,productivity is more sincere. Old patriots as they may seem, can manupelate the system for personal gains. Don’t we have fresh minds to take up leadership? AFC? All hungry for power. What can you do for the people and their country? Bring up your manifesto; show your plan,show your action. Allying with opportunists can be sour for the soul….get one Prakash! Uncle John should have told you that burning bridges is no good…he knows what that feels like.

Rodrick (SN, Guyana's Unofficial Tabloid) UNITED STATES says:

Oh laad! yet another trick from the Opposition. Put an Indian to change face of the party with the intent to steal some of PPP’s Indo votes. Shortly after the election is over, the Indian will step down and the real party’s leader will step up. Clever, but the Opposition fails to realize that people were well aware of this move all along.

Dr.Evil CANADA says:

According to Raj Singh Right?
The AFC’s purpose is to break the cycle of race based politics in Guyana, and to serve all the people with ethics & integrity.
Then tell the Guyanese people what it took why was Ramjattan sidelined until now that the media got a hold of the inner workings of the top boss of AFC.
Tell the Guyanese people why was Gumattie Singh thrown under the AFC bus for Chantal Smith.
Tell the Guyanese people why was Ramsaroop dashed under AFC bus.
Tell the Guyanese people why such a staunch supporter in Freddie Kissoon of the AFC now moving aside to join with Benschop to form a political party.
Since you are talking of ethnicity and race breaking cycle.
Forget the likes of you in the diaspora for you dont count and will never be counted in any AFC party..
All they want from the diaspora is your financial donation.
Ask one Samaroo here on this blog site what is really going on and he will tell you since he is very silent these days on blogging about AFC.He is more staunched than most of you.

Sad But True CANADA says:

This party started with deception from the beginning. All tree leaders of the AFC held on to their seats in Parliament while advocating to form a New Party the AFC. This problem between Trotman and Kemraj not surprising they all want just power. Is the people of Guyana come first?

Deonarine UNITED STATES says:

It took a newspaper advertisement to force the three to call a press conference and honour its founding promise. If these people behaving like this in opposition if they get power it will be hell to play.

Mohamed Z. Rahaman UNITED STATES says:

Rotation respected…nope.
Trotman & co knew from the reaction over the last couple of weeks that it was political suicide if he did not reverse his initial stance not to honor the agreement to ‘rotate’.
I view having an Indian as head of AFC or PNC, is like what McCain did (and failed gloriously)in trying to one up the Democrats by picking picking a woman for his VP and hoping to gain mass women votes in doing so. So too woudld the AFC and PNC fail miserably.
PPP is still the best party for Guyana and everyone knows it. The fact that Trotman is meeting with Murray, Corbin and those Bajans is sufficient cause for Guyanese to get scared. Wonder where them Bajans and others were during teh brutal Burnham/Hoyte years?

David E.A. Jenkins BELIZE says:

Moderator, the devil is in the detail, don’t let the caption fools you
—“AFC executive to back Ramjattan as presidential candidate”—SN bloggers are so taken up by it; they failed to comprehend what the process is. Here is the catch;

Sheila Holder said:

“Our Constitution requires the party’s national conference to confirm and ratify the presidential and prime ministerial candidates of the party and also permits any member of the party, in good standing, to be offered as a nominee for presidential candidate by any of the party groups,”

It is common knowledge that the majority of AFC members and supporters prefer Raphael Trotman as their presidential candidate—this group will nominate him and vote for him, and against National Executive Committee recommended Khemraj Ramjattan. Just you wait and see, comes the party’s National Conference in October.

Cummins UNITED STATES says:

“Trotman said too that at its launch the party had said that should it win the elections,it would rotate the presidency mid-term”.–the article

Whew!!! Talk about the fun house! Half way up the learning curve it’s time for somebody else to take over. Who said Guyanese are not knowledgeable about their leaders and politics? There is reason why they keep voting PPP. Maybe it has nothing to do with the government’s economic policies or race but everything to do with the alternative.

Rodrick (SN, Guyana's Unofficial Tabloid) UNITED STATES says:

Part of the reason why “they vote PPP” is because people know the good and bad about that party; thanks to the Opposition for helping folks to get to know the PPP better. But when it comes to PNC and AFC, many people don’t know what to expect from the them. We have yet to see either of these two parties give reassuring proofs that they can better the PPP in tackling issues of education, crime, health, economy, trade and foreign relations; so far its been mostly talk, talk, talk…
I think even the most illiterate person in Guyana will want to vote for a party that has been consistent than others that appear to be shady.

Mohamed Z. Rahaman UNITED STATES says:

Of Course Trotman would say that the Presidency would be his mid-term, after all he did not get into this race to be PM. He is speaking loud and clear for everyone to hear. Does anyone question who is the real leader of the AFC? Who meets with the Bajans/ Who meets with Winston Murray? Who meets with Corbin? Certainly not Ramjattan.
So all this talk about joint leadership in the AFC is just a mirage. Everybody knows who is calling the shots and it’s not Ramjattan. Too bad, he coulda been a contenda on the odda side.

(Comments taken from the Stabroek News AFC mouth piece web site)

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