Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hamilton Green FUCKS up AGAIN!!!

-Garbage collectors withdraw service from city

Waste Disposal contractors, Puran Brothers Waste Disposal Service, Cevon’s Waste Management Incorporated, and Crawler and Wheeler Waste Disposal Service, yesterday made good on their threat to withdraw their services from the Georgetown municipality.
Municipal Public Relations Officer, Royston King, confirmed this state of affairs yesterday, even as he underscored that “it is regrettable that to date the council is unable to make the necessary payments to the contractors.”
It was just last week that the contractors had emphasised their concern by stating that they were collectively prepared to suspend waste disposal service in the city.
The contractors are together owed $75M which the municipality has so far been incapable of raising to settle a three-month-old debt.
Last week, the contractors refused a payment of $12M, having collectively asserted that if they accepted the meagre payment it will in no way help to improve their ability to continue to service the waste disposal needs of the city.
The contractors contend that they are in such a financially deprived state that they are currently unable to procure the needful resources, the most crucial being fuel, to continue removing the generated waste.


  1. Back to square one again,we will continue to see this once this city council administration is allowed to continue to run the council.As we all know they are there because of petty politics.Do you really think this Mayor and his council really have it Citizens as their priority nor the city.......

  2. Its time that we get a change in mayor but not MB someone who would not put their political differences in front of their job,cause this problem has arise on numerous occasions and is one thing over and over we need a change..........

  3. It's long overdue for this nonsense to stop. For the longest while the waste disposal system is "frig up". Too long have the city suffered blotch to its scenic beauty at the hands of Hamilton Green. Instead of things getting better it's getting worst. How come they never got money to pay the workers? Nonetheless, I am of the opinion that replacing Green with Benschop is BIGGER mistake. So take a hint and choose wisely. It is indeed time for a change!