Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ramsaroop and Trotman in Florida raising funds for the AFC

Despite what is being said in public Peter Ramsaroop is still in the AFC fold. Evidence of this can be gleaned from the fact that Ramsaroop and Raphael Trotman were spotted together in Ft Lauderdale meeting AFC party groups and raising campaign funds.


  1. I always knew they were corrupted...I don’t know why they just don’t build a doll house and play husband and wife. One time they fall out and a next time they make up. Certainly one must be out of their mind to vote in such incongruous ‘actors’ into leadership!

  2. Now this seem interesting since PR quit from the AFC has he said that they are a undemocratic party now they are raising funds together.That just a sign for Ramjattan that they don't need his ass......