Monday, June 7, 2010

Christopher Ram under US drug enforcement authorities radar.

Our sources in the U.S have indicated that this story has attracted the attention of drug enforcement officials. Also many of Ram & Mc Rae's clients are now skeptical of about doing business with the firm. Two major manufacturing companies have already terminated the accounting firm's services and many more are slated to do so.


  1. Why not name the two companies which have terminated the services... would give credibility to your post... otherwise, the public will know you could be ignored.

  2. comrades in arms!
    these are the raw transcripts of my interview with james girvan singh, the cocaine bandit currently sitting as canu ceo. please go through and if no questions go ahead and publish immediately as it is long overdue.
    ready for the revolution!
    malisa basdeo
    here it is folks. a long time in coming

    mb: hello good morning. please state your name for the record
    jgs: james girvan singh

    mb: thank you. i understand you agreed to an open interview for propaganda press and specifically requested me. is that so?
    jgs: yes! yes! i now see wuh dem bais seh when they seh sham nokta mek a good choice.

    salim juman azeez displays a cocaine filled gray tilapia
    mb: you accompanied the DEA and FBI on a raid to salim juman azeez place in number two canal last year.
    jgs: yes. no. i was not there

    mb: we know you were there. did you inform salim of the raid?
    jgs: no

    mb: you did not inform him of that raid
    jgs: no

    mb: which raids have you informed salim of?
    jgs: no, no. i mean no…i mean no i ain’t been pon no raid at salim place

    mb: how long have you been on salim juman azeez’s payroll
    jgs: i stop tek money from salim. ah mean i never tek money from salim.

    cousin raymond the promoter and maxi priest chillin in Guyana circa 2005
    mb: around the same time you accompanied the DEA & FBI to number 2 canal in september 2009 you called off a raid at your cousin raymond house on laluni street. why did you do this?
    jgs: i didn’t call off no raid

    mb: so why did senior supervisor Ian Burnett order his men to leave the house after talkin to you?
    jgs: burnett never called me.

    mb: did you call Burnett? how did he get the order to leave the house
    jgs: i don’t know

    mb: is your cousin raymond still working for mark deabreau?
    jgs: mark who?

    mb: hello i didn’t come here for games. are you still wearing a wire for the DEA?
    jgs: who tell you i wearing wire for DEA?

    mb: did the snatching up of roger khan, terrence morgan and the rest had anything with your decision to work for the dea?
    jgs: i doan know wuh yuh talkin bout deh sexy

    Roopan Ramotar better known as Fowlcock
    mb: how long have you known that canu prosecutor oswald hector massiah has a son working for a cocaine kingpin roopan ramotar aka fowl cock.
    jgs: i don’t know nobody name fowl cock

    mb: like i said, i am not here to play games with you. ok? on october 14, 2009 you sent CANU ranks down to john fernandes ruimveldt terminal to stage a raid on some cocaine free containers belonging to fowlcock. when christina nichola williams was caught with 20 bottles of seasoning and cocaine a man named Michael Edwards aka death was called in for questioning. do you remember this fella?
    jgs: yes

    mb: what did you do with the $2700US he gave you
    jgs: death never give me no 2700 US|

    mb: are you disputing the figure
    jgs: no…i…i…i…

    mb: he was supposed to deliver more money later on which he failed to do after which your ordered an officer to plant cocaine on him
    jgs: i never tell nobody plant no cocaine on nobody. dem men does do they own thing then want come and blame me. what de man name again you talking ’bout?

    mb: hello i already told you i did not come here to play games with you. good.
    jgs: me ain’t like how u talkin to me like you is some big shot

    mb many officers have written propaganda press talking about your dictatorial style and of your incompetence.
    jgs: what officers write y’all about me? Rai? Rajcumar? ah gon get dem. doan write duh down. ah doan mean dat. tek dat part out de interview.

    mb: what made you turn a typist into your spokesperson? are you having sexual relations with members of your staff?
    jgs: the woman qualified. what else yuh want hear?

    mb: and you’re not
    jgs: not what? wuh yuh mean?

    mb: i am askin the question here buddy.

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  3. you guys need to say something about james singh head of CANU and his days working with Roger Khan

  4. More on this later:

  5. I am not surprised by this latest development but simultaneously the US should also investigate the AFC's funding or are they afraid that everything will be traced back to Washington
    Further they need to stop attempting to sow the seeds of discord on the one hand and they attempting to placate the Government on the other. We all know their agenda by now.