Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who is David Hinds that anti-narcotics agents should be mindful of?

David Hinds

All this nonsense about the searching of W.P.A executive David Hinds at C.B.J Airport needs to stop.
As a matter of fact the W.P.A has become a non-existent, spent political force which now consists of a few disgruntled Rodnite servants who occasionally appear and disappear in servitude to Opposition positions.

Further; what special privilege or rights does David Hinds enjoy that he shouldn't be stopped and randomly searched by anti-narcotics agents at the Airport, a majority of whom are totally unaware of his existence?


  1. Should you be so Virulent and Nasty at other PPl for demonstrating their right to protest? Why should we be treating David Hinds this way after he has done so much for our country?

  2. I don't know what the problem cause the anti-narcotics agents have their work to do i don't know if being a WPA executive gives him the right to not be search.These people think that they are above the law,what privileges do he get for a nonexistence party.......stwwwww some people is really want make a fuss about shit.....

  3. Indeed who is he? What’s so erroneous if he gets searched? What does doing something for this country has to do with the safe guarding of citizens? Let’s suppose he had something in his possession and was cleared here without search and when he enters another country they search him and find something he ought not to have in his possession...How would it reflect on the Guyanese Security System? So again what’s the big deal anyway? At least I see nothing immoral with the search... Grow up David!