Friday, June 4, 2010

AFC commissions another fake poll using a biased pollster.

The AFC has commissioned another poll which falsely projected the PPP/Civic’s overall support at 38%, the PNCR at 31% and the AFC at 26%, representing a drop of 16%, 3% and a gain of 18%, respectively. It must be the AFC and Stabroek News' idea of FRIDAY/WEEKEND JOKE when CADRES predicts that the AFC could get 25% of the Guyanese electorate voting AFC!

Barbados based CADRES which is under the direction of Mr Peter Wickham’s should be last body to try and do polls for the Guyanese. Wickham’s articles was banned by the Nation Newspaper because of political bias and the then Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur described Wickham's poll as being part of deliberate attempt to manipulate public opinion.

The AFC is no stranger to 'Polls' as back in 2006 a poll undertaken by U.S political consultant Dick Morris predicted that the AFC would gain enough votes to hold the balance of power in parliament. The AFC then went on to win 5 seats in comparison to the PPP/C's 36, the PNC/R's 22 and GAP/ROAR 1.

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