Thursday, June 24, 2010

Benschop pocketed $5M from rape victim pay-off by CN Sharma.

The rapist leaves

We have received credible reports which indicate that Mark Benschop raked in almost $5M for himself after facilitating the pay-off of the mother of the girls raped by CN Sharma. It was told to us that Sharma paid all $20M in cash and the hand-over as well as signing of affidavits denying that the incidents took place were all done upon Benschop's request at his East Street office yesterday afternoon. The mother of the victim was also recorded during which she was forced to make false claims against the Minister of Human Services & Social Security and other leading PPP officials.

Benschop, who up to a few days ago could've barely afforded gas for his two SUVs was spotted this afternoon at several South Georgetown watering holes frolicking all and sundry. On numerous occasions prior to this incident Benschop's vehicles frequently ran out of gas and had to be towed away several times. One suffered pump related damages as a result.


  1. Benschop pays off his rent in advance after receiving the 20 million from sharma to obstruct the course of justice.
    Benschop who lives in Roxanne Burnham Gardens pays rent of $60000.
    Before this week he had owed the landlord three month rent

  2. Benschop gon find he lil rass in some serious pickles when he get buss...Deh shuda lef he bakside in d sellars for couple mo years cuz lyk he cum bak wit a demon manifestin all ova d place and in every body story... And is wit da he wan run fo mayor of georgetown? Hmmm, if he turn Mayor bets u call da Georgetown we knw quits n bail out to d countryside ca bare corruption gon tek place!

  3. de boy taking money to start corruption in anyway he can he broke so if he turn mayor he tek the money 4 hiself