Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ramjattan is a BIG SKUNT!!

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm a Skunt!

10. I'm a traitor
9. I sold my duty free concession
8. I defend drug dealers
7. I took donations from the 'Pepper-sauce man'
6. I'm in bed with the PNC
5. I'm uglier than Freddie Kissoon
4. I'm only loyal to Duke Street
3. I'm a good bringer and carrier of news
2. My wife think I watching other women when I'm watching her
1. I hired DICK and was COCKED


  1. Well those ten reasons describe this cocked eye in every single way......LOL

  2. He is not only a skunt he is also the water boy for the AFC.....

  3. He's the AFC water boy, he does what he's told to do,our good friend peeping Ramsaroop considers him to be more of a PNC activist. Well cocky bai, you shining now...