Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christopher "Cocaine Chris" Ram's wife outlines years of mental & physical abuse at his hands.

Ena Ram: I have always judged other women, especially when they have been abused and they continued sleeping with the enemy. I judged, until it started happening to me. Christopher Ram on many occasion beat me to a pulp, the punches were not gentler, even when I was pregnant. The strange thing about abuse is that the physical marks fade, the pain eases but memories remain. At first, I justified it, maybe Chris had a bad day at work, maybe the government was after him, but he would beat me for not combing my hair or wearing the nice dress. The beatings would be extra brutal when I confronted him with his infidelity.

I wanted to leave but then we had children, I thought maybe the courts could help us, but Chris knew every lawyer and judge, so I won't get a fair hearing. One day I decided to leave, after the beating he told me he would stop supporting the children. The children took my side, and he started to beat them too since only "antimen" would support their mother.

I was stuck, I can't get a fair trial and he would stop supporting my children what could a mother do. Thats when I stop judging abused women. They have to think about themselves but most importantly they have to think about their children. After the kids got older, I filed for divorce in 2001, Chris became even more abusive. After he realized that I was serious and the blows had no effect he went after my boys. He then realized that he was the enemy in his own house and everyone was terrified of him. so he shipped us off to Florida. So when you see a woman in an abusive relationship, don't judge her, help her by finding out her circumstances.

I will now be judged, why am I enjoying the the elaborate lifestyle provided by Chris Ram, I'm still trapped. I went to the Queens Birthday Party, where the Ambassador spoke about spousal abuse, but more importantly about violence against women. Only if he knew how Chris Ram one of his prominent invitees threats his wife and children.

I have included excerpts of my divorce filings. In my next letter I will describe the infidelity. Don't Judge, Don't say it can't happen to you, Just help.

I have attached excerpts of my divorce filings.


  1. I am shocked! If this is indeed true what Ena has said, what kind of man would treat a wonderful person like her this way.

    This is disgusting to say the least

  2. I remember this Christopher Ram. He used to be on the Queen's College board of governors. One day I was crossing the road at the corner of Camp and Middle Streets and he nearly ran me over (didn't stop at the traffic lights) and I was shocked. And he bore an expression on his face as though "what the hell". I was only 17 at the time. Now I'm a doctor. I hope he reveived help.