Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Under pressure Trotman forced to back-track.

-AFC supporters place newspaper ad

The Alliance For Change’s (AFC) National Executive Committee (NEC) will recommend that Khemraj Ramjattan become its presidential candidate at the party’s National Conference in October. AFC Vice-Chairperson Sheila Holder yesterday said that the NEC would also recommend that party leader Raphael Trotman become the prime ministerial candidate, along with any other person who has been properly nominated in keeping with the party’s constitution. The party also stated that in order to give effect to the decision, Trotman would endorse Ramjattan as the presidential candidate and Ramjattan would endorse Trotman as theJustify Fullprime ministerial candidate.

There has been strong disagreement within the party over the retention of the rotation principle and about whether Ramjattan would be endorsed as the presidential candidate for next year’s election in the light of support for Trotman as candidate by some quarters. In the wake of the situation there have been reports indicating that Ramjattan and his supporters were unhappy with the outcome of the recent executive meeting and threatened to leave.
The AFC's press conference was hastily arranged after a newspaper advertisement, paid for by “Concerned AFC Members,” appeared in yesterday’s Kaieteur News, calling for the rotation of the AFC leadership. It said the AFC was never intended “to sideline any particular group inside or outside the party” and that Ramjattan is a “deserving leader with equal intellect, courage and skills” as Trotman. It said rotation would deliver on the party’s promise of “change” to the people. There were also reports that a frustrated Ramjattan had to be coaxed to attend the press conference by 5 senior members of the party.

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