Saturday, June 19, 2010

AFC/PNCR merger lies exposed.

Advertisement in the Kaieteur News Tuesday, January 26, 2010
by disgruntled PNC supporters

Stabroek News(27-01-2010):
Alliance For Change Leader Raphael Trotman has deemed recent attempts suggesting that his party is considering merging with the PNCR, as deliberate bids to create mischief. Speaking yesterday at a press briefing at the Ariantze Hotel, the AFC Leader stressed that the party had never had any bilateral discussions with the PNCR about coming together. Trotman was responding to a full-page advertisement placed in yesterday’s edition of Kaieteur News allegedly by a group of concerned PNCR members and which strongly hinted that a merger between the PNCR and AFC was on the cards. Captioned “Change the Leader Campaign”, the ad was calling for the removal of Robert Corbin as leader of the PNCR.

Stabroek News(05-02-2010):PNCR leader Robert Corbin yesterday accused AFC leader Raphael Trotman of downplaying continuous engagement between the two parties on mutual areas of concern, in pursuit of a narrow political agenda. “While the PNCR has held no discussions or meetings with the PPP, the party held several meetings, discussions and consultations with the AFC over the past three years. Mr. Trotman should, therefore, explain to the public whether he considers those meetings between the AFC and the PNCR a secret,” he said.

Stabroek News(18-06-2010): Barbadian political strategist Hartley Henry earlier this week met with representatives of several political parties and other groups here, as part of an AFC-led initiative to explore alliances ahead of next year’s general elections. In addition to members of the AFC’s National Executive Committee, Henry met with members of the PNCR, including leader Robert Corbin and Winston Murray as well as GAP/ROAR MP Everall Franklin and representatives of other groups. “We are still in the process of working out the principles or terms in which we would be involved in any alliance,” AFC Vice-Chairperson Sheila Holder

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