Friday, June 4, 2010

GT Bluetooth: SHIT does attract SHIT

Churaumanie’s miasmic attraction

Old people (not Uncles Freddie, Adam and Chris Ram in this case) seh “out ‘a sight, out ‘a mind”. However, it different when yuh spouse not home at a certain time and yuh left wondering what he/she deh “minding”. De sight, if yuh catch dem “minding” something else, can cause hell to rise.
Talking ‘bout rise, people does use all kind o’ things to rise. Remember de days when yuh was surprise to see a familiar lady belly big big and yuh does stupidly ask, “like yuh eat yeast or wah?”

Remember de days when some bakers use to put plenty yeast and less rice flour and lard fuh mek de bread look plump like de lady big belly? Well deh gat plenty other examples of things that some people does use fuh mek things rise.

Now, due to de growing economy, plenty people raise dem status and dem flat house to big mansions, some people use Viagra to raise something else while some just want to feel “raised” after taking a joint. While these raises are understandably, how yuh explain somebody using faecal matter (miasmic as Uncle Freddie “sugar coated” it) to rise?

Being forgotten after being totally out ‘a sight, de poet, Churaumanie, suddenly writing to de waterfalls paper “buseing” de guvment and Randy. How come when innocent people get slaughtered in de two mass murders in Lusignan and Bartica he ain’t write? How come when some police did get kill by some East Coast gunmen, he ain’t write. How come only after somebody “shy” s**t, sorry, miasmic, pun Uncle Freddie, he write?

Some Bluetoothers sehing dat miasmic does attract miasmic. That explains Churaumine’s miasmic rise. Imagine de bitter cold winters and de scorching heat waves in de US of A didn’t cause he to rise after so many decades of “sleep”. It tek a bucket of miasmic s**t! This confirms that some poets does indeed dabble in s**t! Phew!!!


  1. People who know Churamanie will tell you he is a man who like to bite the hand that feed him. When he was in Guyana he borrowed money from many people, didn't pay them back, and then turned round and cussed them. When PPP was in opposition Churamani didn't know them. All of a sudden after 1992 when PPP got in power Churamani started writing for Mirror paper. Something went wrong, he and the PPP fall out, and now he and Freddie kissing each other.

  2. Churamanie is a picture of failure looking in the mirror, he's digging his own grave if he thinks siding with the human latrine would give him political attention.