Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Absence of PNC Commissioners a ploy to delay holding of elections

-stems from party's unpreparedness

The absence of the PNCR's Commissioners from statutory meetings of GECOM exposes a deliberate ploy by the PNC to delay the holding of General elections this year, as is constitutionally required. One member of the commission has not attended a single meeting since the year began while the other two have been frequently absent.
Observers have pointed out that this actions
and disunity among its ranks who frequently are unable to find common ground.


  1. The PNC never seem to be prepared when these things are to be started when local govt was to be leaded they weren't ready.Well they ever be ready?

  2. Well they would try at anything to hold back election cause they already know their faith at the polls.

  3. They are not ready for the election so this is there way of delaying it so that they can get in gear to gain the trust of the Guyanese people

  4. First it was the AFC that wanted to boy cut the election now the PNC these two party are really in bed together.

  5. I don't know how the PNC has the gall to show up at Public Buildings or for that matter any meetings that has to with how Guyana is governed after what they did to us during their 28 years of bruk down Guyana rule. They should run and hide their faces with shame, but knowing the PNC they can't differentiate between shame and and saving face.