Monday, March 7, 2011

Jud Loymeyer fired for under-performance

-accused of sexual misconduct in Dublin

Jud Loymeyer

Jud Loymeyer is a former Peace Corps Volunteer and boat captain turned IT specialist once employed by the OLPF project who was fired for under-performance while being investigated for a corrupt transaction.
Loymeyer allegedly took a bribe from the company that developed the Linux operating system software with the assurance of having it adopted for usage on all computers to be distributed through the OLPF project. Though the Linux operating system can be obtained for free, its users are then made to pay after a 3 months trial period.

A further probe of Loymeyer's background led to the revelation that during one of his previous employment as an Accounts Executive at IONA Technologies in Dublin in 2001, several allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him by some of his female colleagues.

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  1. There is no sense in keeping these kind of people working in any project that involve the government is doing.all you will find them doing is scams.