Thursday, March 17, 2011

AFC of seeking to divert attention from Businessman's revelations

Isn't it obvious that the AFC's latest PR stunt is aimed at deflecting from the revelations of a Businessman that he was forced to pay bribes to the AFC's shadow Finance Minister Sasenarine Singh?

And since when has it become criminal and questionable to take pictures of the houses of opposition members?
This also exposes the double standards of the AFC given that they supported Mark Benschop when he trespassed on Kwame Mc Coy's property (damaging a glass door in the process) during a similar picture taking exercise and now objects to a perfectly legal activity.


  1. Mark Benschop is a Anti Government activist a nobody and the AFC supported him when he went and take out a government official home but find it as a major problem when the camera is at there home and offices.

  2. The AFC are just as lucid as mark to support a mad man.

  3. The AFC show that they are strong supports of the corrupt anti government activist like mark and drugs dealers.