Saturday, March 5, 2011

BREAKING NEWS!!! Benschop given a thrashing by Kwame Mc Coy security guard.

-Benschop scaled fence to gain entrance to Diamond property when confronted by security guard

Mark Benschop was just given a sound trashing after he trespassed on a Diamond property belonging to Kwame Mc Coy and a scuffle ensued between himself and the security guard. Benschop scaled a fence located on the unfinished property and began taking pictures when he was confronted by the guard. An argument developed which resulted in Benschop physically assaulting the man who responded by dealing Benschop several cuffs and Benschop subsequently abandoned his vehicle after blows began to rain on him.

Benschop was chased through several streets by irate onlookers and up to this time his whereabouts remain unknown. His vehicle, however, remains in front of Mc Coy's property.


  1. Its good that he ran into this cause the feel he big and when he assaulted one of the protester he met his meeter

  2. Lies. Buggerman Kwame don't cuff nobody. He fight like a girl scratching people. Benschop did not enter the property, he tried to take photos from the road.

  3. This serve him right what place he has doing on the man property.