Thursday, March 10, 2011

Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes being investigated for drug trafficking by Canadian RCMP

The Royal Canadian Mounting Police RCMP is investigating Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes for involvement in a possible drug network with a total street value of us$76 million. Hughes is a popular criminal lawyer who defends mostly persons implicated in trafficking of illicit drugs, arms and ammunition.

Hughes is the owner of dozens of properties in the City and others parts of the country and has been dodging tax officials by underpayment of taxes resulting in the loss of revenues. He pays a meager sum of about $300, 000 annually on taxes.

Recently the son of Justice Jailall Kissoon, Randy sought justice in attempting to protect him from being robbed of a property on the East Coast which Hughes tried to covet from him.


  1. Its about time that this matter is being looked into cause people have come forward asking the AFC presidential candidate about this drug ring which he and Hughes controls.

  2. The is good that the authorities are finally looking into the drugs running that Huge is involve in.I hope that the authorities finds the evidence that they are looking for to convict Huge for the illegal act that he has been involve in.

  3. Nigel Huge is the re presenter of drugs king pin and drugs smuggler and has been involve in the drug trafficking ring for some time now,but the law finally manage to catch up to him.hope he get convicted.

  4. You wicked, nasty evil jealous people. Get an education, get a job and travel around the World and make something of your life!!! Idiots!! MR Hughes is a good person.