Sunday, March 27, 2011

Every election a few candidates pop up who are clearly unqualified for public office because they can’t seem to tell the truth regarding basic facts about themselves. By all reports so far PNCR Presidential Candidate David Granger is such a person.


  1. Well the above should get on a horse like the Comrade Leader who use to parade around Georgetown on his horse, like if he was some overseer of Plantation Guyana, anyway but in
    the case of granger he should hit the Lethem trail and ride out of a Guyana into the blue yonder of Brazil for no body in their right mind would vote for granger and the PNC, who would vote for a political party where we saw our income decline and we became scavengers in our own country, our country had become like the Mandela dumpsite where the Comrade leader and his cronies dumped their left overs for us to pick over, no more of that for Guyana.

  2. When Granger is addressing the Public he need to mention the raping of women and the massacre that took place in Wismar Linden the was led by him and Plan by the Party that he is currently the Leader of.