Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kaieteur News' publication of names & personal accounts of security personnel unethical journalism

ROGER A. BHULAI: I was totally flabbergasted that the Kaieteur News would print the names, bank and account numbers of military personnel who were paid for services rendered to another entity (KN 3/3/2011, pg 6).
This is totally unacceptable, uncouth, irresponsible and extremely dangerous journalism.
What is Kaieteur News trying to do, authenticate their information by publishing account numbers?
As a former, but nevertheless, forever banker I know that this type of information is privy only to the account holder. The sacrosanctity of the privacy of these patriotic Guyanese has been seriously compromised as a result of cheap publicity.
I thought that bottom was the lowest point but they have sunk to below bottomless.
My humble advice to this newspaper is to drop the Kaieteur part of their name so as not to besmirch the name of our revered falls.
I truly empathise with these goodly gentlemen and advise them to close their now publicized accounts and re-open new ones lest Mr/Ms computer master hacker get to your hard-earned funds.


  1. Should there be any problem of money being lost or stole from these people account they should take serious action against the Kn news.

  2. this was so uncalled for...i see this as very unprofessional...there has to be a limit man..KN ova doin it..i wud've understand if they had jus done the story without these details...but they had crossed the line an i think they should be sued or stop reporting...

  3. Over the years KN has shown poor journalistic skills and people had write letter tell them about it but once they are please they don't care don't know what there objective..smh

  4. They think that they are exposing the govt but actually putting others at risk and this is nothing to exposed the govt about cause there is transparency in this whole thing that they are publishing

  5. the Kn news has manage to show the public that they dont care about doing Journalism in the right manner.When the KN news publish an articles on stories that involve people that are working with the government they are not look at how there might be dangerous and can cause people to lose there earning.