Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bitter Lincoln Lewis and company

Lincoln Lewis springs no surprise on Guyanese with his hate-based letters on the PPPc administration. Lewis is as BITTER as the few others, Christopher Ram, Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop, Norris Witter who are jealous of the achievements made by the PPPC.

In fact, nothing would ever please these IDIOTS who always find something to go after because their minds are fixed on criticising the PPP. For them good is bad and bad is good depending where what and whom they favour. These guys are pure hypocrites with amazing double standards.



  1. The criticize the achievement of the PPP cause they want to see Guyana fall to nothing.These people prefer to see comic like Mark and Freddie try to start cacaos in the country and that they will consider as a good thing and development like the Berbice bridge is a bad thing to them.

  2. The PNC,AFC and the others Anti-Government activist discredit the work and development that the PPP have manage to achieve over the years and praise the criminal and corruption that Mark and Freddie and others are doing and want to start.