Thursday, March 24, 2011

Accused implicates 'Fineman Gang', others in Bartica massacre

-Opposition media very silent after trying to paint a different picture in the aftermath of the incident

Clebert 'Chi Chi' Reece

One of the 5 Bartica massacre accused, Clebert Reece took to the stand after being committed to stand trial in the High Court along with his other co-accused yesterday and in the process revealed that the 'Fineman Gang' had indeed committed the act.
Reece, otherwise known as 'Chi Chi' admitted to being a part of the gang which murdered 12 persons along with the other defendants and the now dead Rondel 'Fineman' Rawlings, Otis Mud up” Fyffee, Cecil Ramcharran “Uncle Willie” and Robin “Chung Boy” Chung.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack several media houses which support the opposition had tried their earnest best to convince members of the public that this attack along with the other ones at Lusignan, Agricola, Lindo Creek and the killing of a Government Ministers and some of his family members could not have been carried out by the 'Fineman Gang'.
It was no surprise that Reece's revelations did not attract the attention of this usually vociferous section of the media.

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