Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PNCR MP practicing medicine without a valid licence.

-act described as unconscionable, an insult to Parliament and a disregard for the laws of the land

PNCR Member of Parliament
Dr. John Austin

MINISTER of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy has warned that the rules regarding medical practice in Guyana are clear and persons practicing medicine without valid licences, issued by the Medical Council, are defrauding the Guyanese people.
In an interview with the media, he said he stands by and commends the Medical Council’s efforts to ensure that standards in the health sector are maintained and the Guyanese people are exposed to professionals who are deemed fit to practice.
However, Ramsammy said the Health Ministry is not an uninterested bystander, as the Medical Council (MC), an independent body, executes a function that belongs to it.
“We use an arm’s length approach, which is a best practice across the world. Defrauding the public is not acceptable,” he said.
Ramsammy spoke after the Medical Council, yesterday, released the names of four persons who are not licensed to practice, in a bid to ensure that the general public is not defrauded.
The persons named are Dr. Abdul Mohamed Hafiz, Dr. Abdul Wahab, Dr. Vishwamintra Persaud and Dr. John Austin, a People’s National Congress Reform-One Guyana (PNCR-1G) Member of Parliament (MP).
Ramsammy said his ministry is aware that Austin is practising and described the practice as unconscionable.
“Dr. Austin is an experienced person, not a new doctor. It is an unconscionable act and an insult to the National Parliament that a member shows such disregard for the laws of the land,” he said.
Ramsammy said that, as an MP, Austin should be both cognisant and compliant with the laws regarding practice as a medical doctor.
He said the issue of Austin’s practice was dealt with by the MC and the courts and Austin is not in possession of a licence.
“If he believes that the Courts and the Medical Council were wrong, then he has access to facilities to appeal that decision but, unless the Courts instruct otherwise, he cannot practice,” Ramsammy said.
He said no disregard of the laws will be tolerated, moreso by an MP and declared that Austin has done a disservice to the Guyanese people, an electorate to which the PNCR-1G has to go to this year.


  1. Well this is not surprising since the PNC want to go against the government.

  2. This is the typical way of the PNC doing thing without have license like they did when they was in power do projects and etc without transparency....smh

  3. These are the deceitfulness that the PNC brings and they are being expose bit by bit