Thursday, March 17, 2011

Same SHIT, different day from Kaieteur News

-vehicle is not armed, it is not armored, it does not have any features to carry weapons.

The all-terrain vehicle Kaieteur News described as an armoured tank

Readers may recall the Kaieteur News publishing this photo in its Tuesday 15th edition, seeking to instigate fear among the masses with the underlying tone that the Government had brought this vehicle in the country. Given the spin the KN took one would have assumed that it was a military vehicle to be used at elections time.
However, the importer of this vehicle has described it as an all-terrain amphibious vehicle from Russia.
Director of Major Miners Inc., Alexey Maslcwskiy, the company, has a Prospecting Licence and does geological exploration work in Cuyuni area. He said that several months ago the company ordered an all-terrain vehicle from Russia.
He described the vehicle as an all-weather amphibious vehicle which is specially designed for geological expeditions working in remote areas with poor access roads or in their absence.
He further stated that "it
Yes, it may have aggressive appearance, but, please, believe us, it has a peaceful and kind character and is made for civilian use.”

Not surprisingly though Kaieteur News gave this angle of the story very little prominence. And the follow up story has relegated to page No. 18.


  1. I know that the first thing a journalist must do when covering a story and before publishing it They need to do some investigation on what ever the story might be,but not the KN news they just see images takes pictures and publish articles without doing any investigation.How do they know that the vehicles is armored.

  2. Kn still with there misleading articles and this one was to give the Guyanese citizen the wrong impression and to scare them.

  3. If the reporter had took a closer look at the vehicles before they decide to publish nonsense about armored vehicles they would have seen that the vehicle have no kind of weapon on it or not treat.