Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AFC or ROAR? How do you tell the difference?

Salaudeen Nausrudeen & Tarron Khemraj both former
ROAR Executive members
now policy shapers of the AFC

What does the AFC hope to accomplish with Khemraj Ramjatan as presidential candditate, and having so many former ROAR members in senior positions?
This party hails itself to be of a multi-racial dimension, but many of its members are former ROAR executives. ROAR, as we know, was a party that advanced Indo-Guyanese superiority and had a history of partisan politics.
From their campaign manager, Salaudeen Nazrudeen, to Amar Panday, the AFC continues to put too many former ROAR members in engaging positions.
The people of Guyana never respected ROAR and its politics. They have chewed it up and spit it out because it reeks of the one thing that Guyana does need. And because of this, ROAR was never a force to reckon with in Guyanese politics.
Surely, the AFC must know that this will do more bad than good to the party at the next election. Guyanese will never forget what ROAR represented; however well they may disguise themselves.


  1. The AFC has been making lots of racist remarks at there party public meetings and this is the cause.the party is confirming to a racist party.

  2. The type of member that the AFC have to make up there party tell what kind of party it will be and how they will respond to the Guyanese people.So my point is that the AFC member are made up of a bunch of racial member that would want to divide the people of Guyana.

  3. Jud most likely was associating with the two AFCites shown above, because they are blue jackals just like Jud, painting themselves as good and nice folks but in reality wicked and evil.

    AFC must be exposed as the blue jackal-those that disguises themselves to promote their cause and when they succeed they reveal their true selves, and the PNC is the dunce party they know nothing about governing a country, for if they did, even though they were illegitmate for 28 years they would not have left Guyana in a shambles.

    Thank God we have the PPP who can clean up and still attend to other business, had the PNC inherited Guyana in the condition that the PPP did the country would have ceased to exist, plain and simple, and with that I have to say the PNC must never be allowed to govern Guyana ever again, they are no good, they ruined our country and our lives, we don't live forever, and lots of Guyanese passed on with out ever seeing how this country is today, for me that is criminal and sad.