Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeanette Bulkan resurfaces...

Jeanette Bulkan

Jeanette Bulkan has resurfaced, following the termination of her services by the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF). If Jeanette Bulkan is such a learned individual on Forestry as she protracts herself, then why did her family business of which she played a major role in collapse?

The Bulkan family's frustration with this Jagdeo led government stems from its refusal of a proposal for Gov't to invest in excess of $300M in a venture undertaken by the family.


  1. Is this your best shot at smearing someone
    you can't answer? In what I have read of her work,
    she doesn't portray herself as an expert on forestry,
    she just draws obvious conclusions from documents
    published by the Government of Guyana and by credible
    international institutions. True, she did once present
    herself as an expert to the Academic Board of Yale
    University, and they awarded her a PhD.

    If you want to second-guess Yale, you can't do it
    through any of the businesses owned by her brothers,
    because she never had any role in any of them.

    Can you really believe Guyanese are so stupid as to
    swallow any of the open lies you are peddling?
    Including your fabricated comments?
    What have you been smoking?

  2. It is obvious that the 'Anonymous' is Janette Bulkan herself trying to garner support for herself.

    A degree from Yale does not mean anything. If she is so good, why did the World Bank terminate her contract/assignment. She is on a witch-hunt because her family do not know what to do with the Guyanese timber. Rather than foul-mouthing others, why not help her family sell Guyanese timbers across the world at the fancy prices she claims they can command ? She just cannot hack it. So, it ends up in yap, yap yap ........

    The Intrepid