Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AFC's Sasenarine Singh demanded bribes, kick-backs from Businessman

-Singh demanded one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per week

Sasenarine Singh

NOTE: Fizal Ali (the letter writer) is the proprietor of Yuppies Wholesale Depot.

Fizal Ali: I have observed several letters written by Mr. Sasenarine Singh in the letter columns of this newspaper criticizing and condemning corruption in public office. From his writings, it is clear that Mr. Singh is aspiring for public office in an Alliance For Change (AFC) government, presumably in the financial sector. I have known Mr. Singh for several years. When I first met him in 1991, he was employed at the National Milling Company and was responsible for the allocation of flour for wholesale distribution. At that time, I was one of the largest distributors of flour in Guyana. I therefore interacted with Mr. Singh on an almost daily basis as he was responsible for the quantity of flour to be allocated to me.

Based upon my interactions with Mr. Singh, I do not believe that he has any moral authority to speak on the issue of corruption at all. I do not believe that he has the integrity to hold public office.

During his employment at the National Milling Company, in order to get my full quota of flour, Mr. Singh demanded from me one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per week. I used to pay this money weekly to him in cash at his home at Third Street, Alexander Village, Georgetown. I was also forced to deliver three (3) bags of flour weekly, free of cost, to his mother who owned a grocery stall at La Penitence Market. I also purchased for him his first motorcar, a white Honda Accord, at a cost of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($450,000). I also financed his studies at the University of Guyana.

I did not do these things voluntarily. They were demanded of me by Mr. Singh with a threat that if I do not comply with these demands, I will not get my full quota of flour from the National Milling Company.

I challenge Mr. Singh to refute any of the above contentions.


  1. Like this man was his father cause it a clear indication that this man provided for him.

  2. It was only the other day that Sase was talking about people and pops comes some evidence on him wonder what will he reply and say.

  3. Well one who speaks of corruption is likely to be the corrupt one.He is in the right party the Alliance for Corruption.

  4. With Mr Singh demanding money from people so that there business stock will be deliver in full and the Hughes connection with drugs dealers how the members of the AFC want to talk about corruptions when they are the ones who are corrupt.

  5. i support mr singh,i known him over a few year and his family.this young talented,bright"that jagdeo the joke can ever be"...........