Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blatant display of unpatriotic actions

Were it not for the blatant display of unpatriotic actions and by extension, the deficiency in the willingness to see our country advance, the demonstration of bitterness and resentment by Janet Bulkan, Christopher Ram, Khemraj Ramjattan and others with insatiable appetites for attention would have been almost laughable. However, it is impossible for one to laugh in the face of such a disgraceful attempt by this group to involve Norway in their mediocre political scheme to stymie Government’s development efforts to the extent of being destructive.
How does Ramjattan hope to gain political mileage from trying to influence the Norwegians to withdraw funding from Guyana which was already sealed in the agreement between the two countries?
Apparently Ramjattan has never heard of the ‘ricochet’ concept, which I will now point out to him.
If I were an AFC supporter and had read about Mr. Ramjattan’s involvement in this preposterous scheme, I would immediately review my political beliefs and loyalty, which I am sure would be very different from his, although he is supposed to be leading that party as its presidential candidate.
It is crystal clear that Ramjattan’s political agenda and beliefs do not include the development of Guyana.
Does the country need such petulant leaders? No!
What about the Amerindians; what do they have to say about this spiteful and vindictive scheme to deprive them of much needed resources from the Norway funds that would provide a firm economic base for their communities’ development?

I hope they will not take this action by Ramjattan and his fellow cronies lightly, but that they will speak out firmly against this destructive intervention.


  1. This is for the development of the country and these people are fighting for us not to get it are they serious....smh

  2. These people continue to display there ignorance toward the development and betterment of this country.

  3. The Norwegians funds is a sign and done deal that will not only benefit Guyana but the rest of the world as well.They are so pathetic that they want to stop the uplifting of this country that they want to be the leader of.