Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nobody believes Hamilton Green!

Another opportunity has presented itself to convince us that Mayor Hamilton Green has absolutely no credibility, none whatsoever.

In his letter to the press, he tried to make comparisons between Mark Benschop taking photos of Kwame Mc Coy Diamond residence and the freelance photographer David Williams taking photo at a AFC Parliamentarian David Patterson office:

Hamilton Green being the fool he is conveniently ignored that Mark Benschop was tresspassing on Mc Coy's property at Diamond as evdient in the broken door glass.

The chronicle freelance photographer Williams did not invade or trespass on anyone's property, or their privacy and was merely taking photos within the legal boundaries.

But knowingly Hamilton Green as a consummate liar he cannot deal with the truth.


  1. Hamilton green is just like the AFC they support Mark's criminal act by trespassing on McCoy property,They are not looking at the fact that what he did was illegal but wants to condemn Williams for doing his work in the right manner and did not brake any laws.

  2. The fact that the camera was pointed at them who is the opposition they find it a major problem.These people want to have the right to do what ever they want and dont expect the same to be done to them.