Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lurlene Nestor is as dangerous as the PNCR

Lurlene Nestor, PNCR thrown-aside former parliamentarian is as dangerous as the party she represents and should not be allowed to get away with trying to set racial strife in this country.

It is obvious that Lurlene, like our political do-a-likes, David Granger and Robert Corbin are trying to instigate racial and political conflict among Guyanese with her racially overtone statement in the stabroek news today which states, ''His (Jagdeo) instruction to the older Indian Guyanese was intended to instill fear in the younger generation by telling them about David Granger and the PNC''.

Lurlene deliberately avoided mention of the presence of thousands of Guyanese from all walks of life at Babu John and at no time did the President singled out any group for any instructions.

The PNCR is ashamed of its record that it now tries to cloud the facts by using popular terms such as 'racaial' that have no relationship to anything said or done at Babu John.

Lurlene has certainly gone bankrupt for ideas.


  1. We need to remember that people from the community of Buxton is giving the President of Guyana there full support.Now I'm certain that Lurlene is not clear on what she wrote in the daily since the President speech at Babu John was to the entire assembly which consist of all race that support the late president and still have him in there memory.

  2. The PNC are trying so hard to make the government look bad that they are making themselves look ridiculous since the people know the real facts about the works of the government and what is going on in Guyana.

  3. u guys r saying blood is on granger hands. who hands r the blood of ronald waddle and the 200odd afro guyanese dat was killed during the crime wave.