Friday, March 4, 2011

Overseas based drug lord said to be Benschop and Fineman Gang financier.

-Tookie supplying Benschop with arms etc

Local law enforcement officials have contacted their US counterparts in an effort to locate a man known only as Tookie Van Rossum who is said to be the person behind the financing of the notorious "Fineman Gang" as well as the chief source of finance for Mark Benschop's operations here. The man who is said to be a supplier of cocaine to the US was deported from that country some time back but made his way back through the back-track route. He has amassed a huge fortune through illicit means and has since been engaging in financing subversive actions aimed at overthrowing the democratically elected PPP/C government. He is said to be the owner of the property in Roxanne Burnham Gardens in which Benschop lives and also sent two SUV's both of which were registered by Benschop immediately upon his release from prison on Treason charges.

Many persons have questioned Benschop's sudden accumulation of wealth upon his release from prison especially given the fact that Benschop couldn't have afforded to complete construction of his Eccles house prior to his incarceration.

Tookie also shipped large caches of guns, bullet proof vests and other materials to the Fineman gang. He is said to be of African descent, strongly build, dark in complexion and sports dread locks.
He lives in a heavily fortified complex in the US and is usually surrounded by close to 10 or twelve bodyguards.


  1. This matter should be taken seriously cause election is around the corner and who knows what Benschop and the rest are up to to terrorize the citizens

  2. The PPP are the biggest drug lords in Guyana. Roger Khan, Dataram and Peter Morgan were all PPP campaign financers before the US put a stop to them. Now they have a new crew of drug lords operating freely in Guyana

  3. Wow cause i was thinking how did MB accumulate all this wealth right after he was released from prison and before he didn't had nun but it all coming together the authorities should take this matter more serious and take this bastard off the street.

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