Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kissoon admits Benschop owns slanderous and racist website.

When police visited his office inviting him to the station in an effort to question Mark Benschop about information stolen from Office of the President which is being published on Benschop's website, he denied ownership of the site despite being listed on the very site as being its publisher.
Benschop's close friend, Freddie Kissoon, writing today in the Kaieteur News has admitted Benschop's ownership. He wrote:

"Unlike the traditional libel laws, you cannot sue a person in Guyana for something said about them on the internet. That obtains in some other countries but I don’t know of such a situation in Guyana. I stand corrected. The police arrived at Benschop’s charity foundation and invited him to go to Eve Leary about what has been posted on his web page. Why not interview him at his office?"


  1. Benschop thinks he is above the law, and as for Freddie oh well he is mental, he belongs in the mad house if you ask me, with the foolishness day in and day out that he writes for the Kaieteur News. I have to wonder if this is the same Freddie who use to fight up himself say against the illegal comrade leader Burnham, now writing all stupidness just for writing sake. Freddie belongs in the mad house, and Benschop should be jailed for life for his criminal acts against the people.

  2. Well look at this he own friend say that he owns the site and after denying ownership.i wanda if he and Freddie int on terms.

  3. First of all it is illegal to purchases stolen equipment paper or any kind of material.Now Benschop should be jailed for his involvement in the Information that he publish on his web page which is from the stolen flash drives fro the office of the president.

  4. Once again Freddie manage to speak the truth about Mark Benschop.wonder what mark has to say about this when his own friend admit the he Mark is the owner of the of the slanderous web site