Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Father threatens Freddie Kissoon over daughter

The father of a 21-year old UG student warned UG lecturer and newspaper columnist Freddie Kissoon about sexual advances on his daughter. The man who hails from the City issued the threat in the vicinity of the university compound while Kissoon was making his way to teach a class.

There has been several accusations of sexual molestation by Kissoon over the years but none has seriously addressed.

Sometime last year a newscast reported that Kissoon was attached by an unknown man who threw feces into his face likely to be associated with Kissoon's sexual advances on a relative who attend university.


  1. This is the kind of thing that this old man is doing to the young people at the University,No wonder he and Mark are such close friend,after all birds of a feather flock together

  2. Freddie is a nasty old pervert who should be ashamed of himself for trying to seduce these young women who are trying to further there education to help make a better Guyana.maybe he started his molested act with his daughter that led her to be participating in sex videos.

  3. Freddie should be ashamed of his actions, and it is not wonder somebody throw kooksie on him last years because he is nasty.

    You see Freddie rants and raves daily in the KN about Burnham, oh how he misses Burnham, and the reason he does that is because he craves for the days when Burnham made is all vulnerable with his misrule of Guyana, and because of Burnham's misrule we became vulnerable to these types, similar to Freddie.

    They exploit us, you see in Burnham days we were so staved out that any old thing of a man that made an advance to us would be accepted because he might give us a roll of toilet paper or a sweetie or two and then we end up with belly and the man gone. This is what happened in Burnham's time. They made us vulnerable to promote their sexual ways with us. I hope Guyanese never vote for PNC or AFC, don't vote for them they are no good.

  4. that a lie, MR Kisson never tried hitting on anyone