Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Any objective newspaper would've first sought to verify the cost of the house in question but not Stabroek News

The Stabroek News being its usual sensational self, today under the headline "Mc Coy mum on cost of Diamond property" reported "There were reports that the home was being built at a cost of about $100 million and questions are being asked about how Mc Coy could have afforded to build his home for that sum" in reference to the house under construction in Diamond on the EBD.
They should, however, divulge for the benefit of their readers where the 'reports that the home was being built at a cost of about $100 million' emanated from and who are the persons questioning Mc Coy's ability to build a home at such a cost.
As surely any media house proclaiming itself to be credible will not use a less than credible Mark Benschop as a source of information. Neither is Benschop a Quantity Surveyor!

What exposes the Stabroek News as being a part of the opposition campaign to disparage government officials is the fact that one of its reporters telephoned Mc Coy and without hesitation asked "Mr. McCoy, could you say where did you get G$100 million to build your house?"
Any objective newspaper worth its salt would've first sought to verify if Mc Coy was indeed the owner of the house in question and at what cost is it being constructed instead Stabroek News, joined in the choir led by Benschop and Kaieteur News and in the process abandoned the basic tenets of proper journalism.

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  1. The people dont care about high lighting the truth and go about journalism the right way,all that they are interested in is painting picture to give misleading ideas.