Thursday, March 24, 2011

A liard Donkey is still a Jackass Freddie

Freddie Kissoon

Todd Morgan: The Kaieteur News of March 20 reported that Freddie Kissoon told a blatant lie when he claimed that residents living on the railway embankment in the vicinity of the CARICOM building at Turkeyen, were soon to be removed by government.

The publisher of the newspaper apparently sent a reporter to verify if what Kissoon wrote in one of his columns is true. Not surprisingly, the residents were completely unaware of any move being made by the government to remove them from the land they have been occupying for several years. This clearly demonstrates that Kissoon is a stranger to the truth, a sensationalist and a trouble-maker. It is precisely this kind of public incitement that results in tension that leads to unrest, more so in an election year.
Kissoon’s utterances now cannot be taken seriously, since he has been exposed as a liar who fabricates stories to cause public mischief and to lend relevance to his hate-filled and scandalous columns.

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